Sunny Point & Move Forward (overgenomen van de website van Move Forward)

We did it! Our third country where we launched the Move Forward project in Suriname, we have started on September 15 in Paramaribo.

70 Teenagers have participated and more than 50 % were teenagers from Sunny Point. Together with our local partner Kansrijk Suriname and support of the SBA we would love to continue and make this project last a lot longer.

We fell in love with the teenagers from Sunny Point, because this neighborhood knows it’s challenges. Poverty, abuse, criminal activities and drugs are not rare for these teenagers. That’s why we open our training program to those who normally can not afford basketball, dance and music workshops and that can use it as an escape of their daily routine.

Besides our main disciplines we include food, individual coaching and solving local issues to enlarge the impact of our program on a personal level and boost the level of confidence. We’ve picked up the teenagers from Sunny Point by bus and brought them to the centre so they could mix with the teenagers from other neighborhoods.10 local dance, basketball, rap coaches and social workers from Paramaribo have collaborated with 4 Dutch coaches to share their positive and inspiring skills with our selected teenagers.

This project is ready to continue. Of course we would like to get in touch with more warm-hearted individuals, companies, foundations to help us increase the impact of Move Forward Suriname on the long term. Financially, in goods or knowledge, contact us so we can find a way to collaborate and make this all happen: